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Jigsaw Puzzle Mats

If you're a dedicated jigsaw puzzler, and don't live in a large mansion with a good-sized room set aside just for jigsaw puzzles, you probably need a jigsaw puzzle mat.

The idea is simplicity itself - you assemble your puzzle on the mat, which is a sort of felt.  Whenever you need to, you roll it up and secure it with attached straps.  Then unroll it when you're ready to go back to work assembling your jigsaw puzzle.Roll & Go


In addition to Ravensburger's Stow & Go, there's also Hasbro's Roll & Go Puzzle Saver.  (Apparently, not a lot of creative effort goes into naming jigsaw puzzle mats.




One other indispensable accessory for puzzles that we should mention - puzzle glue! 

Puzzle glue isn't always easy to find, but it is exactly what you're looking for to preserve a jigsaw puzzle once the puzzle is completed.  Check out Hasbro Liquid Puzzle Saver Glue.  This non-toxic liquid laminates and preserves a finished jigsaw. Apply Liquid Puzzle Saver freely, starting in one corner and working out to the sides. Fill in cracks and coat entire top surface. After use, applicator can be cleaned in warm water. Glue dries in one hour.

And, speaking of preserving your puzzle - there's also Buffalo Games Puzzle Presto - Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver.  This puzzle preservation tool leaves your puzzle with its pristine original finish devoid of any bubbles, streaks or color runs. Easy - Peel the strips, flip the puzzle and apply the protective sheets to the back. Instant - The adhesive protective sheets bond immediately allowing you to display instantly. No need for dry time. No Mess - With no glue, you're out of the sticky situation of cleaning up glue drips, run off or bleed through


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