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A good deal of the information on this site is devoted to "serious" jigsaw puzzles, which inevitably means jigsaw puzzles for adults; but what about puzzles for children? 

Actually, there now exists, thanks to the advent of online shopping, a great selection of jigsaw puzzles for children, from both American and European manufacturers, such as Ravensburger.  Most jigsaw puzzles for children identify the age range that they are intended for.  This information can either be found on the puzzle box, or in the product description. 

Are jigsaw puzzles considered educational, as well as fun?  The answer is yes.  Assembling jigsaw puzzles as a child helps one to develop spatial concepts, and also encourages concentration; one has to examine the puzzle piece, examine the picture on the box, examine the partially-assembled puzzle, and so on.  We once read a book (the author's name escapes me) where a noted paleontologist attributed his professional success to interest in jigsaw puzzles as a child. 

Finally, jigsaw puzzles make great gifts for children.  They're easy to ship, fun for kids, and don't require any participants other than the child himself or herself.  Like reading, assembling a puzzle is a quiet activity for children, which is, perhaps, a blessing in itself!

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